Ringing in the new year with something old

“Parked near Goldsboro Drug Co.”

6x8" oil on panel

Onto my other blog, I just posted this same scene, but as a watercolor. Just click On the Plein Air Trail to compare this oil to one of my calligraphic style watercolors. Soon I’ll be sending out a newsletter that includes yet another oil painting of this same scene, but painted in only three colors, plus white. This one, incidentally, is painted in my typical range of colors which include a warm and a cool red, warm and a cool yellow, warm and a cool blue, plus white.

I’ll be asking my newsletter subscribers to tell me which of the three paintings of this scene they most like. I’d love to hear from you whether you’d vote first for my watercolors, or for my oils.

In the On the Plein Air Trail post, I write about the historic drug store (with the green and white awnings) in this scene. What I did not mention is any of my history with downtown Goldsboro. Across the street, and to my right, from where I painted this scene was a Woolworth’s dime store. Growing up, it was where I’d purchase friendship rings and an occasional bag of malted milk balls. It is also where I’d go up wooden stairs to a bathroom where I could sneak a smoke. It was about this time that we first heard the historic surgeon general’s report on the health hazards of tobacco. Does this ever date me! I can still recall the smell of that old staircase.


2 Responses to Ringing in the new year with something old

Jerry Stocks
Love,love,love this painting. The colors are fantastic

Jerry Stocks
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